Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I've had a hard time adjusting to being disciplined for doing things that are against the rules. Not to say that I have a hard time abiding by the rules, just that I've never really had set rules to live by as an adult in my own home. I think the hardest part to get used to is receiving spankings. Maintenance spankings are obviously more tolerable than discipline spankings. However, more sever spankings, such as with a ping pong paddle will definitely take more time to get used to.

I think most of all I've noticed that even though the rules are set for me, they are benefiting the both of us. They seem to be setting a new tone in our home.

The hardest two rules for me to follow are swearing and blog posting. Swearing is just a hard habit to break, but we don't exactly want our young children swearing. Blog posting can be hard because life just gets so busy! But, everything is falling into place and I am getting used to everything slowly but surely.

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