Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blog Assignment 1

Yesterday my husband asked me a tough question. “Why do you think you are submissive? What makes you feel that you’re a submissive?” I think a few months ago my answer to that question would have been different. Before we started exploring a D/s relationship, I only knew that I wanted to be more submissive. Now I almost feel like it is something I can’t do without. It may not be the right answer to the question for others but for me, what makes me submissive is my love for my husband. I don’t think that I could be this way with anyone else. Now I find myself hanging on every moment… waiting for what he would like next. I enjoy doing things for him, no matter what it is. I anticipate when he will have something special waiting for me to do or send me a message at some point during the day with instructions for a task. Just the thought of him having something specific for me and no one else in the world gives me a feeling that I am not sure I can honestly describe. It makes me feel special. I know that no one else will ever share this type of relationship with him. I know that no one else has ever been this connected to him. I feel more submissive to him just wanting to be submissive to him. The D/s addition to our relationship has brought us closer. I think we are seeing parts of each other that we may have never seen otherwise. It seems like we are more connected to each other and that we will only become more connected to each other. I am thankful we have gotten this close. I am thankful that I have found someone to devote myself too completely and entirely. 

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