Sunday, October 2, 2011

Starting over

My husband and I decided to revamp our rules. We wanted them to be more specific to eliminate "gray" areas that were causing confusion between us. So here are our rules as of a few weeks ago. They are working well so far :)

1. No spending from the checking account of any kind without prior discussion or permission. (Normal household purchases are acceptable)
2. You are allowed one punishment deferral a week. But you must clearly state that you are using it and why you are choosing to use it.
3. Your punishments must be completed as discussed, if you disagree or dislike a certain portion of the punishment and don't state such before your punishment is started, you must wait until after to discuss it.
4. A bedtime curfew of 9:45 is effect, unless with me or with my approval. You are not required to be asleep, just ready for bed, and in bed. (cranky kids are a valid reason to break curfew.)
5. Make sure work clothes are laid out for both you and me every night before bed.
6. You will make a weekly blog entry, if you can't decide on one, I'll give you one to write about when you ask for it.
7. P has the final say and authority on any subject we can’t agree on.
8. Do not argue or talk back, I will attempt to give you the benefit of the doubt, but I will explain why I assign punishment on this rule if you have questions. Either way I will follow thru with the punishment and it should serve as a learning point for both of us.
9. Make sure not to have to be told twice to do something or not do something. If you have questions and don't ask them, that won't be an acceptable reason to defer punishment.
10. Make sure to not have to be reminded about any assigned tasks.
11. You will tell me about any abnormal happenings.
12. No cursing under any circumstances.
13. Knee length nightgowns/shirts or pre-approved outfits are to be worn to bed. Underwear is to be the only lower half garment worn.

14. Help will be gladly given as long as You ask.
15. You must keep your grades above a C.
16. If you disagree or would like to discuss an issue, you will ask politely "honey, I have something I'd like to talk about" if I say no, you must wait 30-45 minutes before asking again. I will not say no the second time.
17. At restaurants, I will order for you (you tell me, i order) unless I tell you otherwise.
18. No texting and driving. Bluetooth phone conversations are okay. We will have plenty of time to talk to each other.
19. No work related texting/calls after 7:30 pm unless it is a true serious emergency. Everything else can wait until morning. At 7:30 it's family only time.
20. If I give you a task, a chore, or situation that you feel you don't want to do (and you haven't tried it yet and it's not on your hard limit list) you must try it (not just for minutes) before talking to me about why/what you didn't like.
21. Lunch will be made for all required parties before curfew.

Housework rules - Help will be gladly given as long as you ask.

1. You will do one load of laundry a day. You will wash it prior to leaving in the morning, dry and fold it in the evening before starting on homework.
2. You will ask for help doing the dishes (empty and fill/start) everyday. (while I'm on nights, if you start the dishwasher before bed, I'll put it away on the morning.)
3. You will vacuum/sweep once a week.
4. You will not assist in outdoor chores unless specifically asked. You may attend to me (water, company, etc) but you will not help.
5. Outside of these rules and basic "children directed housework" you will not clean or attack (OCD clean) our house without my permission.

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