Monday, October 31, 2011

Age Play

Age play is something that my husband introduced me too shortly after our year anniversary.  I will admit that I wasn’t exactly open to it at first. I had a hard time understanding the interest, and honestly sometimes I still do. But, I don’t really see the point of trying to understand why the interest is there. All that really matters is if we can share the interest. I have tried my best to share this interest with my husband. We started slowly and didn’t jump into things too fast. We decided what age range we wanted to focus on. At first, and for a while, I was really apprehensive about trying anything. In the beginning, I flat out refused to be a part of it at all. After I thought about it for a while, I reminded myself that I didn’t marry part of my husband, I married all of him, and for me to not at least try to be interested in something he is isn’t fair. So I agreed to start trying things. I am glad that I took time to think about reconsidering. I think, and hope, that it makes my husband happier that I was willing to try something that interested him and now it is something that interests us. Sometimes I have a hard time telling him that I am actually interested in the things that we are doing. We work opposite schedules now so it is harder to find time to spend together that isn’t staying up until all hours of the night. But, I suppose, here is as good of a place as any to tell him that even though I was apprehensive about it, this is something that I have come to enjoy. I don’t just enjoy anymore because it is something that interests him but because it is something that interests both of us. Something I would like to try is role play. It is something that my husband has expressed interest in before and we have tried in the past but it is a hard area for me. I have been trying more to get into a mindset where I can pretend better, especially on the ageplay aspect. 

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