Thursday, August 18, 2011

Importance of Research

Since my husband and I are still researching DD, gathering information is still an important process. Most of the information we find is on blogs, but finding information that pertains to our particular lifestyle can be hard. We have modified things that we like and don’t like to fit our life. We do often use as a starting point. There are tons of blogs that are in a color coded list and new ones are added often. Sometimes researching can be like a Russian roulette of sorts. You end up with a hit or miss of a series of blogs. You end up searching through a bunch of blogs and sorting through the entire sight to find anything that might pertain to you. There are some blogs that we read on a regular basis. is one of these sites. There is a lot of good reference information that we have found helpful. I think that this will be a continued search though. I am always looking for more insight into the submissive side of myself and we both look for more information on ways others have built their DD relationships. I am sure there will always be more information that can be found!

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